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Ayodya Pala Art Center was established on 24 April 1980 with the motto 'Building a Nation Through Art and Culture” is very consistent in the preservation, education and development of traditional Indonesian art and culture. In the end we developed into an entertaintment organization that is active to “sell' various package of performing arts (such as traditional dance, modern dance, traditional music, and modeling). Ayodya Pala has repeatedly been trusted by various TV stations in Indonesia to perform various events and special regular since 1984 until now.

Since 1990, Ayodya Pala is often represented the Government in the promotion of cultural events to various areas in Indonesia and abroad. Various special events the Union repeatedly have we undertaken such a Police Conference of Asia Pacific on 1995 in Jakarta, the team of dancers at Sea Games in Indonesia, the Sudirman cup, Jakarta Fair, International Education Exhibition since 1998, Asean Swimming Contest of Senior High School in 1999, Welcoming event for special guest in the Presidential Palace, etc.

There is a lot of trust and experiences that had been given to us, it can be a consideration for choosing Ayodya Pala as a partner that can be reliable to help you when you have to entertain an important guests at a special event with the traditional culture of Indonesia.

Profile Company

Company Name  :      Ayodya Pala Art Center

The Leader           :      Dra. Budi Agustinah

Address                 :      Ruko D'MALL Blok A No. 9 Jl. Margonda Raya                                       Kav. 88 Kota Depok 16432 - Indonesia

Telephone             :      021-7760159, 0813-99160062, 0816-1950265

Fax.                         :      021-7751653

Email                       :

Website                  :

Tax No                 :

Bank Account     :      0149772933 BNI Cabang Margonda Depok

Materials Event  :     

-   Aneka Tari dan Music Tradisional Indonesia

-   Kesenian Tradisional khusus diantaranya :

   1. Rampak Gendang      6. Gendang Belek

   2. Rampak Bedug           7. Barongsay. Liongsai

   3. Reog Ponogoro           8. Ondel-Ondel

   4. Sisingaan                      9. Kuda Lumping

   5. Barong Bali                 10. Marawis



1. Domestic Culture Mission

  • Festival Krakatau di Lampung.
  • Festival Sriwijaya di Palembang.
  • Festival Tabot di Bengkulu.
  • Festival Pariwisata Jawa Barat di Bandung.
  • Festival Kraton di Cirebon.
  • Festival Kraton di Yogyakarta.
  • Festival Topeng di Bali.
  • Festival Tari Anak Tingkat Nasional di Bali.
  • Festival Budaya Melayu di Riau.
  • Festival Erau di Tenggarong.


2. Internasional Culture Mission

   Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia,Thailand, Brisband, Sydney, Melburn, Myanmar, Singapura, Korea Selatan, Vietnam, Texas, Vancouver-Canada, Calgarry- Canada. Festival Normandi Perancis. Noenberg, Frankfurt – Jerman, Marseille-Perancis, Adis Ababa – Afrika, Hongaria, Yugoslavia, Italia, Kapal pesiar Holland America Line


3. Television Media

  • Music Dahsyat RCTI reguler and special episode since 2010.
  • HUT RCTI thn 2011-2013.
  • HUT Dahsyat 2011-2014.
  • MNC Group 2014.
  • Miss Indonesia 2014.
  • Miss World 2014.
  • HUT HANURA 2013.
  • Several times in special event on RCTI since 2012.


  • Several times in Gelar Budaya Nusantara Event.
  • Special Event HUT TVRI and HUT RI.
  • Pesta Ceria, PESTA Indosiar, Gebyar BCA, Semarak Indosiar, Panasonic Award 1998, Semarak Kemerdekaan, Go Public PT. Indosiar Visual Mandiri, Telkomania, Opening Grand Final Acara Mama Mia, KDI, AFI, dan Wisuda ATKI Indosiar.
    • The Inauguration of the Mega Building, Digoda, KD Show, IMB, and Special Event.
      • Opening act of many variety show